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        IS GOOD FOR

        MY HEALTH."


About us...

It all started with a Chocolate Chip Cookie...


Welcome to Tea and Cakes, a whole new world of delicious cakes.


Why Tea and Cakes?  Well, according to my daughter, it all started with a Chocolate Chip Cookie. I baked them the first time when my son was in Standard 9. An American friend boasted about her prize winning Choc Chip Cookies and I decided to bake some. She berated me because I used a mixer instead of creaming the butter and sugar by hand, but she was the only one who complained.


At my son’s Leavers Supper in his Matric year at Michaelhouse, I was besieged by boys who told me that the only reason they got through Matric was because of my Choc Chip Cookies. 


I then discovered Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. My late husband told everyone that this item was not good enough to die for, but was good enough to kill for. And, as he was a Navy Seal, people took him seriously. I had friends who invited me to dinner on condition that I made it for them and my daughter actually ventured into baking, as it was a really great birthday present for her addicted friends.


So you see Tea and Cakes is the realisation of a deep need within me to ply all and sundry with really good to eat cake and treats.  Pots of curds that make you dig the spoon in again and again, biscuits and cookies that you only stop when the packet is empty and cake that you simply have to have another slice.